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Due to the high-quality workmanship, the Luxury Car Diffuser is also a visual highlight and fits perfectly into the interior. There is also plenty of variety. Different oils and fragrance components always offer a new olfactory experience. All fragrances are inspired by smells from the Orient and exclusively made in Dubai . The base is Oud . This exclusive, woody fragrance component is a special part of the oriental tradition. It takes nature about 300 years to produce Oud, which makes the fragrance something very special. He is a popular gift for weddings and gets the house ready for guests on high holidays. You can take this experience with you on your journey with the Luxury Auto Perfume.

The Luxury Auto perfume gives your luxury car an individual touch. Both you and the driver will enjoy a completely different driving experience with the oriental scents from Dubai. But your passengers will also be impressed.

You won't know why, because very few know of a premium car freshener with this special touch. The delicate fragrance spreads unobtrusively throughout the interior and pampers the occupants. The perfect rounding off for your luxury car.