Product Benefits

  1. One time installation

    BaRiZzi car perfumes only have to be installed once and can then be used permanently. When the fragrance oil is dry, the front part can simply be pulled off and new fragrance oil can be refilled with drops. The simple and one-off installation also protects the fittings in the car.

    2. Long shelf life

    Although our car perfumes are refillable, they have a long shelf life. On average, our fragrances last up to 6 months by applying 12 drops of the fragrance oil once during installation and then another 3 - 5 drops simply weekly, for example after a car wash.

    3. Fragrance activation by the air conditioner

    The car perfume practically activates itself. As soon as you turn on the air conditioning in your car, the great scent spreads throughout the car. A special feature of this is that the cold air from the air conditioning system spreads the scent more discreetly in the car. As a result, the car does not smell too much of the perfume, which can be an advantage, especially in the warm summer months. Normal or warmer air, on the other hand, ensures a stronger release of the perfume.

    4. Manual operability

    BaRiZzi car perfumes give their users practically free control over when the fragrance should be diffused in the car and when not. For example, if you go on vacation and leave your car at home, the scent does not simply dry out, as is often the case with scented trees, among other things. After the holiday simply drops of scented oil again.

    5. Refillable

    As soon as the fragrance oil is empty, you can simply order new fragrance oils from us without having to buy the whole product again. This is cheaper for long-term use and also protects the environment and the climate.

    6. High-quality premium fragrance oils from the Orient

    All of our fragrance oils are manufactured directly in Dubai and are based on the oriental-sensual oud fragrance. Variety was also taken care of, as you can choose from a range of different fragrance oils.

    7. Luxurious packaging in a box - therefore ideal as a gift!

    With our car perfumes, we have also attached importance to luxurious and high-quality packaging, so that our car perfumes are packaged in a noble and high-quality form. Therefore, the car perfumes are also ideal as a gift.

    8. Flexible and easy installation

    With a small screw at the rear end of the diffuser, the perfumes can be installed flexibly and individually. This in turn ensures that the BaRiZzi car perfumes can adapt perfectly to any ventilation can.

    9. German company and shipping from Germany

    As a German company, we value quality, care and fast delivery. Therefore, all products are sent directly from Germany.

    10. Handy boxes that fit in any car

    Because the boxes are small and handy, they fit perfectly into the interior of any car and, on top of that, provide that certain extra.

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