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BaRiZzi Diffuser

BaRiZzi Diffuser

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Our device has a one-year guarantee. Even after the guarantee period has expired, we are happy to help you with any questions or problems.

You can always get spare parts from us.

Refillable ✅

Our product is refillable! Once the fragrance bottle is empty, you can simply buy it again. Of course, you also have the option of choosing a different fragrance variant.

You can find the fragrance bottle under (Diffuser 50ml bottle)

  • Premium scents
  • 30 days returns
  • Fast and safe

Discover the Barizzi diffuser: your personal fragrance oasis for your car, office and home

Immerse yourself in a world of pleasant scents with the Barizzi diffuser. This innovative device is designed to fill your environment with pleasant aromas in the car, office or home. Enjoy a moment of relaxation wherever you are and let yourself be surrounded by your favorite scents.

Product data

Suitable for cars and rooms up to approx. 70 sqm.

Product size: 68*120mm

Weight: 185g

Voltage: DC 5V

Rated power: 2W

Type-C output: 5V-1A

Battery capacity: 300mAh

Battery operation: USB-C, Wireless

WEEE Reg. No. DE 87944168

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Premium scents

Oud Cavaliere

Scent direction

Citros - Floriental - Woody
Base note
Coconuts - Amber Oud - Tonka Bean - Benzoin
Top note
Peanuts - Bergamot - Cardamom - Pink Pepper
Heart note
Tuberose - Ylang-ylang - Jasmine

Oud Follia

Scent direction

Aromatic - floral - citrus - fresh
Base note
Musk - Leather - Vetiver Haiti
Top note
Davana - Italy Bergamot - Pink Pepper
Heart note
White Amber - African Rosemary - Oud

Oud Passione

Scent direction

Oriental - citrus - Floriental - fresh
Base note
Musk - Sweet - Amber Oud
Top note
Orange - Saffron
Heart note
Orange - Jasmine - Caramel

Oud Intenso

Scent direction

Aromatic - Floriental - Oriental - Woody
Base note
Musk - Vanilla - Amber Oud
Top note
Rose Black pepper
Heart note
Patchouli - rose
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Designed for maximum flexibility

and versatility. Enjoy pleasant scents anywhere, be it in the car, office or at home.

Starry sky lighting

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and tranquility with the enchanting starry sky lighting of the Barizzi diffuser. Create an even more pleasant atmosphere in your car, office or home and let yourself be enchanted by the soft lights. Enjoy moments of serenity and harmony, no matter where you are.

Intelligent and energy-saving

This diffuser automatically turns off when you leave the car and turns back on when you get back in.

With a generous battery capacity, you can enjoy pleasant scents for hours. In addition, you can also use the diffuser while charging.

Light, Strong and Home

  1. The 'Light' program, perfectly tailored to your car, sprays a pleasant scent every 3 minutes and ensures a fresh driving environment.
  2. For a more intense fragrance experience in the office or at home, we recommend the 'Strong' program. Here, a refreshing fragrance is sprayed every minute to liven up your environment.
  3. The 'Home' program is your solution for quickly eliminating unwanted odors. With continuous fragrance release, it is ideal for short applications and provides instant freshness in any room.

The precious Oud , also known as "liquid gold", gives each drop an incomparable depth and a timeless elegance. Elevate your everyday life into a luxury experience and let yourself be enchanted by the incomparable elegance of our oud-based fragrance oils.



Does this device have a warranty?

Yes, you have a one-year guarantee on the device. Please also follow the instructions in the manual to ensure that the guarantee remains valid. For example, it is important to only use Barizzi fragrances, as other fragrances are not compatible and could affect the guarantee.

Can you buy refill fragrances after you have used up the perfume?

Yes, you can always buy different fragrances from us for refilling. This gives you the option of using a different fragrance in the device each time.

What perfume is used in the Barizzi diffuser?

Our high quality Oud fragrances are used in the Barizzi diffuser to create a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance environment.

Are there different fragrance intensities and programs?

Yes, the Barizzi diffuser offers different programs for different locations and fragrance intensities. From a light program for the car to a more intense program for the office and home, every need is catered for.

Can the Barizzi diffuser be used while charging?

Yes, the Barizzi diffuser can be used while charging, allowing you to continuously enjoy pleasant fragrances without interruption.

Customer Reviews

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Top !

Simply wonderful! Whether in the car or at home!

Luca L.
Perfume is really good

As usual with you. 😊 You notice immediately how high quality and good it is.

Right in my living room 🥰

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