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Air Freshener - Test Kit

Air Freshener - Test Kit

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To test our perfumes, you can order 2 or 4 fragrance pendants here. These pendants contain samples of our different fragrances so that you can try them out in the comfort of your car or at home.
We are sure that you will be delighted by our exquisite flavors

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Premium scents

Oud Cavaliere

Scent direction

Citros - Floriental - Woody
Base note
Coconuts - Amber Oud - Tonka Bean - Benzoin
Top note
Peanuts - Bergamot - Cardamom - Pink Pepper
Heart note
Tuberose - Ylang-ylang - Jasmine

Oud Follia

Scent direction

Aromatic - floral - citrus - fresh
Base note
Musk - Leather - Vetiver Haiti
Top note
Davana - Italy Bergamot - Pink Pepper
Heart note
White Amber - African Rosemary - Oud

Oud Passione

Scent direction

Oriental - citrus - Floriental - fresh
Base note
Musk - Sweet - Amber Oud
Top note
Orange - Saffron
Heart note
Orange - Jasmine - Caramel

Oud Intenso

Scent direction

Aromatic - Floriental - Oriental - Woody
Base note
Musk - Vanilla - Amber Oud
Top note
Rose Black pepper
Heart note
Patchouli - rose

The precious Oud , also known as "liquid gold", gives each drop an incomparable depth and a timeless elegance. Elevate your everyday life into a luxury experience and let yourself be enchanted by the incomparable elegance of our oud-based fragrance oils.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Party SA
Simply great

Really great perfume, indescribably great product.

Thomas R.
Test kit

Everything was perfect. Great scents. Would buy again

Luca L.
Ordered immediately.

I ordered them to test and *** They smell very good. I then decided to go for the car perfume. Thank you

Thomas G.
Rating 2x Air Freshener Test Kit

Both scented trees do not taste good.
The oud is too strong to smell and the scents in general are too intrusive and penetrating. I wouldn't buy them again. It's a shame, I'm very disappointed with both products.

Thank you for your feedback on our air freshener test kit. We are sorry to hear that the scents did not meet your expectations.
We would like to point out that our fragrances are deliberately highly concentrated to ensure a long-lasting effect. They are not necessarily intended to be smelled directly, but we recommend installing them and waiting a while until the fragrance has spread throughout the car.

Best regards ,

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